Oral Sedation

Tablet Sedation:

For any of the procedures we provide, we offer an oral medication that is sedative in nature.  Usually triazolam is prescribed.  It relieves the stress and anxiety that may historically be associated with root canals and other procedures.  For some patients, it is the only way that they are able to get themselves to go the dental office, while for others, it just "takes the edge off," and makes it a much more pleasant experience.  The usual regimen is to take one of the prescribed tablets the night before your dental visit, so that you sleep well.  The second tablet is taken 1.25 hr prior to your appointment time, and a third tablet may be given at our office if needed.  A responsible driver is required.  An exam appointment is needed before this medication can be prescribed, because we need a full medical history with a list of current medications being taken

A driver will be required both to and from the office. This responsible person should stay with you for the next 2-3 hours after you leave the office. The tablet sedation pills should NOT be taken with other sedatives, alcohol,narcotic pain medications or antifungals. A full medical history is required.

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