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Central WI Endo & Dental Implants | Dental Dam in Stevens Point

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Dental Dam

During root canal procedure we will be using Dental Dam . Another name for this device is a rubber dam. A dental dam is a protective cover that is placed over a tooth being worked on. It is held in place by a clamp that surrounds the tooth and a framework that keeps the rubber approximated to the mouth and cheeks. The dam protects the patient and keeps instruments, debris, old filling material and chemicals from being swallowed or aspirated by the patient. In general, the rubber dam is a comfortable fit and patients will not have trouble breathing with it on.  Many people feel that the rubber dam separates you from the situation, and wish it was used more often.


<p>Central WI Endo & Dental Implants</p> in Stevens Point WI
<p>Central WI Endo & Dental Implants</p> in Stevens Point WI
Stevens Point Endodontist | Dental Dam . Thomas Westrick is a Stevens Point Endodontist.