Bone Grafting

Bone grafting is where the jawbone is built up to accommodate a dental implant or other restorative device. Bone grafting is a common procedure that is used frequently for dental implants and other periodontal procedures. The bone used to graft is taken from a sample from the patient. Many times, the bone is taken from another area of the mouth when drilling takes place. The bone fragments are suctioned from the mouth and used for the graft. Cadaver bone fragments are also used. They are harvested by bone banks and are a very safe source for bone donation.

Bone grafting is usually recommended after an extraction so that there is a bed of bone to secure the implant in place. Otherwise, much bone is lost and the implant site is less ideal. Usually the bone graft will need to mature for 3-6 months dependent upon the nature of the graft, before the implant can be placed.

It is normal to have some grafting disloge from the surgical site. It feels like coarse grains of sand in your mouth. We have placed many, generally hundreds of particles in the site, and losing a few is not significant.

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